Seven Tips For Your First Day At A New Job

Seven Tips For Your First Day At A New Job

Seven Tips For Your First Day At A New Job

Starting a new job is an exciting time full of opportunities for learning about yourself and your skills, taking on new responsibilities, and making new connections. Still, starting a new position can also be stressful and full of uncertainty. You might need time to feel completely comfortable around new co-workers, familiarize yourself with a new location, and assimilate into an entirely new company culture. 

The truth is, the best way to become comfortable is to take it one day at a time, starting with the first day. Below we’ve outlined the best tips for preparing for your first day and how you can ease into your new role. 

Plan your commute (or remote setup) ahead of time

First and foremost before you can start your first day, you need to get there -- and on time. You might know the best route for getting to your new office, but have you considered what traffic will be like during rush hour? Try driving there a few days before during what will be your regular commute to get a feel for what traffic will be like during that time or any possible delays that could happen. If you will not have time or the commute is too far for a test-drive, use apps like Google Maps or Waze that have live traffic and ETA updates as well as features to plan your departure and arrival times. 

If your new job is remote -- whether permanently or temporarily, you might not need to plan a commute, but be sure to have your work from home setup ready to go. This means having a designated space to do work and a camera-ready background if needed. Be sure to also check that all of your equipment is working properly so that you will not run into any last minute technical difficulties.

Review your onboarding or orientation materials

Review any materials that you were given during your initial onboarding, orientation, or training. You might be asked to bring in specific materials for further training or information specific to understanding employee and office policies. This is also a good place to look to answer any questions you have about dress codes, company culture, benefit packages, and more. Familiarizing yourself with all of these aspects can help ease your nerves about your first day and help you feel more prepared to begin working.

Refresh your knowledge of the company

Throughout the hiring process, you probably learned a good deal about your new company -- whether it was the research you did in order to prepare for interviews or what you were told during the interviews. However, you can never know too much. Refresh your memory about the topics you’ve discussed, or the names of the people you met throughout the hiring process. You can also check the company’s social media for any new announcements or updates that you should be aware of. This will help you stay up-to-date on any topics discussed in the office or can even be a talking point to bring up on your own. 

Have a go-to outfit and lunch prepared

Choose an outfit that properly aligns with the office dress code and prepare it the night before. This will help you save time in the morning and limit any chances of overthinking or second guessing your choices. Preparing your lunch the night before can also help you save time in the morning and focus on getting ready for the day. Remember that the more preparation and planning you do on the current day, the less work you will have to do the next day.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

It’s better to ask any questions that you have sooner rather than later. While you’re a new employee, it's understandable and even expected that you will have some questions about the position itself or the company as a whole. Reaching out to your nearby co-workers will show you have a genuine interest in learning more about the company and can even help you make a new friend in the office. 

Keep an open mind

Try not to compare your new office, company, or co-workers to positions you had in the past. Comparing them may limit your thinking and may cause you to fall into old habits. Instead, keep an open mind when things are done differently than you're used to -- especially if your new job is similar to any of your past roles. Keeping an open mind will allow you to see your responsibilities from a new perspective and help boost your productivity. 

Be yourself and relax

Most importantly, when it comes to starting a new position, remember to be authentic. It’s normal to be nervous or doubt your capabilities, but remember that you were chosen for this role for a reason. The hiring managers and recruiters that you spoke to during the hiring process trust you and are excited for you to join their team. Remind them why they chose you in the first place by showing up with a positive attitude and the determination to get started. 

Ready to experience that first-day feeling for yourself? Contact Nexus today to learn more and connect with one of our experienced recruiters who are prepared to help you find your perfect match.



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