Procrastinating Your Next Hire?

Procrastinating Your Next Hire?

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Here are four ways to overcome what might be holding you back from hiring.

Job Descriptions Made Easy

We know it gets intimidating trying to anticipate in advance all that you want your new employee to do. But, the reality is that you don’t have to go into great detail in the job description to attract the right talent. Here are three easy steps to writing a job description:

  1. Make a list of the top 3-5 things that will make the person in that role successful.
  2. List required skills
  3. What personality traits would best fit in your corporate culture?

Proof for spelling and grammar, and you’re ready to post or give to a recruiter. Nice work.

Straightforward Interview Prep

Now that you have the job description and resumes to review, create a list of questions that will help you dive deeper to learn more about the candidate. The questions can be broken down into categories based on your top 3-5 success metrics.

Don’t feel like you need to go at this alone. While the person may just be working with you, they will be part of a larger team in your organization, so get more people involved.

Practice your questions in advance to avoid leading or using language that may be confusing.

Top Talent WILL Want to Work For Company

Every company has invaluable benefits and every employee values different things to flourish in the workplace. It’s about making the right match.

Make a list of some key benefits of working at your company. Then poll your current employees to find out what they like about working for your company. Use that information to describe the company in the job description and in the interviews.

You CAN Find Top Talent

While posting your job on all the top job sites will create exposure to 15% of active job seekers at any given time, unfortunately the draw back is they may not be the right qualified candidates you are seeking. Working with Nexus can bring exposure to your job posting to 100% of the qualified pool. A recruiter who is actively engaged with top talent, including those that are not actively job-searching, can help you cast the widest net, bringing in the top qualified candidates. Let Nexus help you find top talent, because having created the job description and identified the benefits you have to offer, you now have every opportunity to capture and retain your Top Talent.



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