How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout to Recruiters

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout to Recruiters

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout to Recruiters

LinkedIn is just one of the many tools employers and job seekers use to seek out new opportunities. From a candidate standpoint though, you can use this outlet to not only find job opportunities but attract recruiters seeking out qualified candidates. With thousands of other applicants you'll want to make sure your profile stands out to recruiters.

While making an eye-catching profile may be time consuming, there are quick things you can do to turn your profile from good to great. Check out our tips below on how to standout to recruiters on LinkedIn:

Add a cover photo

The trick with the cover photo is that it should represent your professional identity. For example, if you're an accountant then adding a cover photo with spreadsheets or numbers is ideal because you probably work with numbers on a day-to-day basis. If you're a graphic designer then this a perfect opportunity to show off an original design.

Change your LinkedIn URL

A really quick way to refresh your profile is by making your personal LinkedIn URL into your first and last name so it looks something like this: Without doing this, LinkedIn just puts in random numbers and letters, which can be confusing to recruiters viewing your profile.

Update your profile picture

Does your profile picture feel outdated? Having a quality headshot is an easy way to help your profile standout to recruiters and show off your professionalism. How do you take a great headshot? Make sure your background is clear of anything distracting and keep it simple. Most professional headshots feature a closeup of the person and a plain background.

Write (or edit) your summary

This is where you showcase your professional experience and skills. Don't be afraid to let some of your personality shine through too. While it may seem as if your summary isn't important, this is where recruiters can go to not only learn more about who you are as a professional but also get a sense of who you are as a person. If you're not sure where to start, here's an article with some great examples that can help you upgrade your profile's summary.

Refresh your skills section

You should update your skills with any new and relevant skills that employers are looking for. Your profile is like your resume, so you should make sure you're adding in new skills that you've gathered over time. When recruiters look at your profile this is a section they may look at to see if you're qualified.

Include any published pieces

Had anything published in the past? Use the featured section to include any articles that have been published. Recruiters can then see what subject areas you're an expert in and read some of your past work.

For candidates either actively seeking or browsing for new opportunities, Nexus Staff wants to help you connect with the right opportunities. By evaluating your skills and past experience, we'll listen to your wants and needs, and help navigate you towards your next job.

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