Is A Hybrid Work Week Right For Your Company?

Is A Hybrid Work Week Right For Your Company?

Is A Hybrid Work Week Right For Your Company?

In April of 2020, Zoom announced their video communication software was being accessed by more than 200 million daily users as a result of social distancing and stay at home orders set in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, a year later, while many organizations are planning for their in-office return, others are realizing a permanent work-from-home structure may be more practical. Additionally, organizations such as Ford and Google are introducing a third option for their employees: a hybrid of remote and in-office work.

Before implementing this new structure for your own company, it is important to ask the following questions: 

Do your employees want a hybrid work structure? 

First and foremost, ask if the hybrid work structure is something your employees would be interested in. Making a decision this big without their input could lead to low performance and higher turnover rates. Consider using an employee survey to better gauge their interests.

Does your organization need an option for hybrid work?

A hybrid structure allows workers to take advantage of remote work for individual projects, but meet in-person for presentations and meetings. However, for organizations with mostly individual work, it may make sense to continue with remote work, while organizations with very collaborative environments should return to in-office work when it is safe to do so. Supplying employees with both options could potentially be a waste of valuable resources and not be as beneficial to your team.

What resources would you need to provide a hybrid work structure?

Providing employees with two options for their work structure can also mean providing two sets of tools such as computers, telephones, headsets, etc. It can also mean paying for rent and utilities for a renovated office space in addition to supplying adequate at-home phone and internet services.

How can introducing hybrid work benefit your company?

Implementing a hybrid work model can also supply you with a completely new applicant pool. While local employees have the option to report to the office, remote employees can be hired from all over the world. This can not only expand your network, but it can also be a perfect opportunity to promote diversity and inclusion within your organization.  

Whether you're looking to fill a remote, on-site, or hybrid position, our staff of recruitment experts and client managers are here to connect you with the best employees. Contact Nexus today for a personalized candidate search plan or click the image below to learn about our free job market analysis.

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