How An Informational Interview Can Help Your Career

How An Informational Interview Can Help Your Career

How An Informational Interview Can Help Your Career

Informational interviews are a less formal way you can connect with professionals within the industry. Though it will not always land you a job right off, by utilizing this technique, you can develop connections with leaders in the industry.

Remote work is dominating the professional industry currently. As a job seeker, this can be beneficial because professionals are now finding themselves with a more flexible schedule than in the past.

Besides scrolling through job boards, another great job-seeking technique is to reach out to professionals for an informational meeting. This can be someone who is in your dream position or a higher-up at the company you hope to work for one day. It’s best to draft a message introducing yourself and asking for advice on how to get into the industry or hearing about their past experiences.


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There’s nothing wrong with asking for a quick 15-minute chat, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back, not everyone will respond and that’s okay.

For the meetings you do land, prepare questions about the company, and about the person you are meeting with. This could include anything from “What is your favorite part about working for X company?” to “How did your past experiences lead you to where you are now?” The purpose is to network with the person and learn about both them and the company.


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Informational interviews do not automatically mean that you get the job, but they are the perfect step to expanding your network. By making meaningful connections with people within your industry, you help yourself gain insider knowledge, learn about career paths you were not aware of before and get all of this without the pressure of a formal interview. Having an informational interview can also help prepare you for the digital interviews you'll have in the future.

In a competitive job environment, it’s crucial to find methods that help you stand out. When you reach out to professionals it shows that you are willing to take the initiative and have the confidence to talk with professionals. Rather than endlessly send out your resume, consider reaching out to someone already working in the field and begin networking.



*Feature photo courtesy of LinkedIn Sales Navigator via Unsplash.

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