6 Steps to Improve Your Virtual Onboarding Program

6 Steps to Improve Your Virtual Onboarding Program

6 Steps to Improve Your Virtual Onboarding Program

Onboarding is a crucial component of the hiring process. Most companies, as a result of COVID19, are now working virtually, and this shift has caused onboarding to move to an online environment. Having a strong onboarding program is key to employees’ total experience, and it also plays a part in employee retention in the long run. Since the onboarding process is their first official welcome into the company, it should be strong and effective.

If you're looking to improve your onboarding process or want to build a new one, check out our six steps below:

Keep new employees in the loop.

After they sign and send their letter of employment, don't leave your new employees in the dark until their first official day. They're excited to work at your company and the best way to help them stay excited and ease their first day jitters is to keep them in the loop.

An easy way to keep them engaged is to send them new hire paperwork they can complete before they start. It doesn't hurt to also check-in with them a few times before their official start date.

Send technology ahead of time.

If your new hire requires a company computer, then ensure they have it before their start date. Once they receive their computer you should also set up an appointment for them to set up their computer with IT. Doing so will allow them to get used to the new technology and programs your company uses, and they can reach out to you with questions beforehand.

Create and share an onboarding schedule.

To show that your company is organized, create a virtual onboarding plan and schedule. You'll first have to decide if you want your onboarding process to be a single-day orientation or a week-long process. Once you determine this, create a broken-down schedule that includes the session times, who will be speaking, how long it will be and the method of communication. By doing this, you'll allow your new hire to prepare ahead of time and get excited about what to expect.

There's no such thing as over-communicating.

Think of your new hire's first day on the job as if they were a transfer student at a new school. They're going to be nervous about meeting people and fitting in with the work culture. Don't be afraid to check-in with them frequently throughout the day whether it's through email, chat or a video call. This will help ease some of their anxieties as well as get them acquainted with a friendly face in the office.

Put an emphasis on the work culture.

According to a LinkedIn survey of 3,000 U.S. employees, 70% of those professionals reported that they wouldn't work at a company that has a bad culture. Your company's work culture is critical to connecting with employees and bringing in new hires. During the onboarding program, you need to incorporate what kind of work culture people should expect with a focus on the company's mission, goals and culture.

Set aside time to meet the team.

At some point during your virtual onboarding program, you should set aside a chunk of time for the new hires to meet with their team. As cheesy as it may sound, icebreakers are an effective tool to have everyone introduce themselves and get to know one another.

During these times it's important to stay connected and engaged with one another. Recruiting and onboarding online doesn't have to be a challenge, which is why Nexus is here to assist you using our advanced tools and network. Click the image below to learn more about our job market analysis and connect with Nexus today.

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