HR Makeover - Final Edition

HR Makeover – Final Edition

If you’ve been following our series on an HR Makeover Part One and Two, you’ve been taking a look at your own HR and have identified the core problems that have been hindering your productivity. Now that you know why things have been going the way they have, you know where to focus your energy when you design a solution.


When you step back and look at your needs as a whole, are there any themes that emerge? Any consistencies across the needs? What insights have you gained from your evaluations and establishing needs.


Often, you will be able to see trends that help identify some core needs and create a stronger solution that gets to the heart of the needs. For example, you need someone to be solely dedicated to finding the right person for a new position but you don’t know who other than yourself would be able to do it.  Or you’ve identified that you need to begin implementing evaluations for employees to establish consistency and build morale but you don’t know where or how to start.


A great solution is bringing in outside help. There are HR experts who are here for your consultation. Having an outside pair of eyes look at internal problems can bring up solutions that you wouldn’t have been able to think of on your own. Experts know what they’re doing. You can partner with them so that you get quality HR as well as enough time to build up the other areas of your company.


There are businesses, like ours, that might also be able to take on some of the roles that are taking up your time! This could be a great opportunity to look into a recruiter or an agency that can do your payroll, insurance packages, and more so that you can focus your energy on other problems.


But make sure before you put any solution into place or hire an outside partner that you set yourself up with proper measurement to evaluate success. Monitor your metrics on a regular basis and evaluate over a longer period of time your goals versus the metrics to determine where you are.


For example, establish a benchmark now for where you are by using your needs list and creating a secondary list of metrics that show you why you are not successful. Then create a list of items that will tell you after you implement the solution, what success looks like.


Do your employees seem more engaged and open about their work? How will you be able to tell?


Are you attracting more hiring candidates and the right kind? What indicator will you show you this?


We recommend evaluating on a monthly basis the metrics you’ve established and then look longer term after six months to determine growth and make adjustments as you go.


If you’ve noticed a significant positive change, that’s great! Keep at it and reevaluate in another six months. If you haven’t, that’s okay! It just means that you might need a different solution. Take note of what hasn’t been working and what has. See which parts of your solution you need to alter to achieve the results you want.


If you need more of a change, it might be time to look to other resources for help. If you haven’t already, you should try our SWOT analysis to see where you have room for improvement. You can also give Nexus a call so we can help walk you through implementing a new solution!




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