5 Tips on How to Find and Keep Remote Employees

5 Tips on How to Find and Keep Remote Employees

5 Tips on How to Find and Keep Remote Employees

Remote work and hybrid offices are the future of business expanding opportunities for both employers and job seekers. Online workspaces not only provide employees with the freedom to work from almost anywhere but also expand the pool of applicants recruiters can reach.

With more potential candidates to recruit, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Remote work requires a different set of skills compared to in the office, which means that new employees will be paying more attention to your business' online culture and values. While remote work provides recruiters with a broader audience, finding and keeping remote employees have changed.

Whether looking to improve your recruiting strategy or are starting fresh, take a look below for our five tips on how to find and keep remote employees:

Incorporate a video into your job description

At the top of your job description try including a video of the hiring manager and members of the team describing the roles and responsibilities of the job as well as the company and team culture. Providing an interactive element to the job description can set your business apart from others while capturing candidates' attention in a fun and interactive way.

Create a shortlist

As your area of reach expands, so does the amount of applicants you receive. To quickly narrow down who you want to move forward with, create a strong shortlist for each job. This allows you to determine what skills are "must-haves" and "nice to haves." Your must-have criteria will then allow you to score your candidates and establish a list of qualified candidates.

Keep candidates engaged

Keeping a candidate in the dark is a quick way to lose their interest. Try to consistently update them throughout the recruitment process whether it's by notifying them of their status or checking-in to see if they have any questions. Most candidates get turned off from a company by negative recruitment processes, so developing a positive relationship with them right from the beginning will keep their attention and excite them more about the opportunity.

Utilize video interviewing

Video interviewing today is the closest equivalent to in-person interviews. While a phone interview may be more tempting as it allows you to multitask, a video interview provides you with an opportunity for you and your team to get to know a candidate. You'll be able to provide your full attention to the candidate and get a clearer picture of whether their skills would translate well to the job.

Ask for feedback

The best way to improve recruiting is to get feedback from candidates. This can help you identify target areas to make changes to and ensure you have a strong recruitment process. Virtual recruiting can make it challenging to connect with talent, but through a survey or general feedback, you can develop strategies to make sure future candidates have an enjoyable experience.

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