Five Ways to Avoid Hiring Hassles

Five Ways to Avoid Hiring Hassles

Is it easier to hire someone or keep doing the work myself? We’ve all asked that question at some point. It’s the choice between growth and control. Its been proven, the only way to grow is to replicate. This hands-on-guide helps you avoid those dreaded transition periods and prepare for a smooth hiring process. Here are five ways to avoid hiring hassles:

Know your position
Before you begin the process, its important to have thought through your hiring position. What are your needs? What would an ideal candidate look like? What can you afford to spend on salary? Check out our SWOT for hiring blog post to help you through this step.

Find a Good Recruiter
Once you better understand your hiring position, its time to find a recruiting partner to help you find the right candidate. Finding the right partner will decrease your time spent and help you define your ROI. A good recruiter will utilize existing contacts that are both active and passive candidates to make sure you have the best options. Be sure to align your business core values with the core values of your recruiter. This will ensure only the right candidates are being sent your way.

Understand Regulations
In today’s hiring marketplace, its critical to understand how the IRS and Healthcare regulations are categorizing your business or you could be facing some big penalties when you go to hire. Check out our ACA Requirements blog post and consult your accountant for more details.

Explore your hiring options

Once you establish your needs on hiring it will be easier to explore your options for the hiring option that is right for you. No longer are you confined to hiring a full time employee. There are many options, including workforce leasing. Exploring your options is important to managing your HR Risk.

Plan to transition
You’ve found the right employee, your numbers are secure, they’ve approved the offer and they are about to start. How are you going to transfer critical information and set them up to succeed? Put together a transition plan that helps your employees clearly understand their responsibilities, how they will learn them and who they will report to understand if they have completed them correctly.



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