Diversity and Inclusion Increases Employee Engagement–Here’s How

Diversity and Inclusion Increases Employee Engagement–Here’s How

Diversity and Inclusion Increases Employee Engagement–Here’s How

Employee engagement is crucial to the success of a business. When employees are engaged that means they're committed to the values and mission of the company, and they're putting out their best work every day. The Kaleidoscope Group found that employee engagement has risen to 34% in the U.S., which is still low. They also discovered that around 53% of employees are not engaged, but instead, are putting in minimum effort.

Numerous benefits have been discovered for companies that focus on incorporating strong diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace–one of them being increased employee engagement.

How to help employee engagement.

For employees to be engaged, they need to trust the company that they work at. In order to accomplish that, you need to create a workplace culture that people feel comfortable in. This is where diversity and inclusion initiatives come in.

Fortune produced a list describing how the most successful companies are beating the competition, and almost every takeaway had to do with diversity and inclusion programs. In fact, Bank of America has put on 3,000 cultural events to help connect employees with colleagues from different ethnic, religious, and racial identities. It is worth noting that approximately 34% of Fortune 100 companies' workforce is made up of minority groups, according to the list. This just further shows the importance of diversity and inclusion programs towards the success of your company.

In order to improve engagement, you'll have to reevaluate your current diversity and inclusion initiatives. Get employee feedback to find where the gaps are in your current objectives, then work to improve and expand your current programs.

When you show transparency and the drive to improve your workplace, employees will probably take notice and appreciate the effort being put in. Employees that feel heard and valued are most likely to become more engaged with their work.

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