How to Create Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

How to Create Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

How to Create Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diverse and inclusive (D&I) work environments have shown to be more productive and well-rounded, according to researchers. In a Glassdoor Diversity & Inclusion Survey conducted in 2019, about 64% of U.S. employees said their company is investing in diversity more compared to past years. Despite the efforts, over half of those employees still think their company should do more to increase it.

Establishing D&I in the workplace can provide various benefits, including helping to create a sense of belonging and comfort among employees. The job market is extremely competitive, which is why it’s crucial to develop a work culture that promotes and practices diversity. Research shows that companies considered in the top tier for D&I are  1.8 times more likely to be change ready, and 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market.

If you’re looking to attract and retain great talent, it's important you work towards developing a culture that welcomes all. To help you get started on building these initiatives, we put together our tips on creating a safer and more inclusive workplace.


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Evaluate your hiring strategy.

Creating variety in your place of work begins with improving your hiring process. To start, take a look at your past hiring practices and make note of the areas that need improvement. Be sure to save this data to go back to for comparison while you make changes.

Where you advertise employment opportunities is key to expanding your visibility. If you’re only posting job openings on the company site, LinkedIn and Indeed, then it's time to expand your resources to include universities, job agencies and diversity targeted job sites. You can also encourage employees to ask people they know to apply. This will widen your scope of search and increase the amount of candidates you receive.


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Avoid quotas.

When you determine a quota on the amount of diverse workers to hire, you are turning a person into a number. This takes away from what the applicant can offer skill-wise, and instead, puts a focus on recruiters meeting target numbers.

As an organization it’s okay to make goals, but don’t quantitate them. Instead, come up with and promote initiatives that will attract applicants and help establish an inclusive work culture.

State you're an "equal opportunity employer."

Advertising that you’re an equal opportunity employer on job descriptions shows that the company cares about inclusivity. Applicants want to know that you are an advocate for a welcoming and positive work culture, and this also informs candidates that merit is your top priority when hiring.


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Provide diversity training for employees.

This is crucial to forming an inclusive workspace because it helps employees become more aware of things like unconscious bias. Teaching your workers how to create and maintain a positive and respectful workplace will contribute to a healthy and productive culture. Everyone is different and by motivating employees to form better work habits, behaviors and attitudes it will help nurture inclusivity.


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Highlight your D&I initiatives.

Job seekers check the company website during the research stage to learn more about a company and its values. One of the first things they should be able to find under  the “about us” section, is what the company culture is like.

Use this as an opportunity to discuss D&I and any initiatives that the business is taking or aims to provide in the future for employees. It’s also okay to be honest and state that you’re working towards diversifying your workplace.

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