5 Go-To Employment Strategies When Hiring in 2016

5 Go-To Employment Strategies When Hiring in 2016


Hiring in 2016? Make sure you are prepared with an employment strategy.  Here are 5 things your employment Strategy should include:

  1. Communication: Communication is key to building lasting relationships. Having intentional communication structures in place can help employees feel valued. A great example of this is the “stay interviews.” Instead of waiting until an employee has left to ask about their time in the business, ask them throughout their employment so they feel heard.
  2. Creating a positive environment/culture: What is your company’s culture? How would your employees define it? How would your customers define it? Is that the culture you were striving for? If not, what changes need to be made to create a thriving, engaging culture for your employees.
  3. Building talent management: Invest time in growing the talents and potential of your employees. Employees who feel they are being invested in are more likely to grow faster and invest back in the company. It is time, attention and encouragement that help build a talent and take them to the next level. When they grow, your business grows as well.
  4. Identifying competitive advantage: Business is all about having an advantage over other companies in the field and it’s important that employees know what this is. Establish and make clear the company values, mission and employee philosophy. Give employees a sense of ownership and pride.
  5. Basic necessities: This may sound silly as the last point for a employment strategy but we left the core element for last to emphasize its importance. Are you providing a strong package to your employees? Often the pay and benefits package goes overlooked because it is something managed infrequently, when you hire, when you evaluate, etc. But if the package is not in line with the basic needs of the employees then there is greater potential for a disgruntled employee, especially if anything else is off. Make sure your basics are covered. For alternative options look at companies like Nexus to help out.



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