The Top 12 Tips on How to Retain Your Leading Employees

The Top 12 Tips on How to Retain Your Leading Employees

The Top 12 Tips on How to Retain Your Leading Employees

The most essential element to maintaining a healthy and successful organization is through retaining employees. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number and rates of quits from July increased to 2.9 million. Retaining top talent is key for businesses' long-term growth because these employees deliver high performance.

Turnover is normal in any business, but if you're worried about losing leading talent then check out our tips below to see if you're delivering what your employees may be expecting.

Make sure you conduct exit interviews.

For the talent you are losing, it's important to obtain their feedback. The only way you can improve as a company is through feedback. Knowing what is and isn't working is key to making the necessary changes that will keep your employees happy. If employees are comfortable and happy with their job, then they typically will not be looking for another one.

Photo courtesy of NESA by Makers via Unsplash.

Photo courtesy of NESA by Makers via Unsplash.

Keep communication open.

Employees want to feel as though they are a part of the company. By providing them with an environment in which they can openly communicate with supervisors, they will feel more involved. A positive worker-manager relationship can make talent feel comfortable pitching ideas and suggestions too.

Expand their responsibilities.

Those who are invested in the company will want to contribute as much as they can. For those who are especially motivated, adding new skills and responsibilities outside of their job can help them grow as a professional. Managers should evaluate their talent's current skill set and see where else they can get involved within the business.

Photo courtesy of You X Ventures via Unsplash.

Photo courtesy of You X Ventures via Unsplash.

Ask for feedback.

Receiving feedback about projects or initiatives gives you a gauge on what is currently working and what needs improvement. Employees will also feel like they are helping to make a difference in the workplace. When you actively look for ways to improve the workplace culture, then talent will feel like they're being heard.

Promote a culture of respect.

Maintaining a manager-employee relationship is important, but make sure you're not creating an environment in which employees feel as if they're just workers and not human beings. Whether it's team activities during the workday or after-work drinks, try to get to know the people you're working with on a personal level.

Photo courtesy of Austin Distel via Unsplash.

Photo courtesy of Austin Distel via Unsplash.

Provide them with insight into how the business works.

Retaining employees can come down to how involved they feel with the business. By showing them how their work contributes to the success of the company, talent can feel like they're contributing to the growth of the organization.

Recognize employees for good work.

If an employee goes above and beyond on a project or is consistently submitting quality work, then praise them for it. To further create an environment of recognition, develop a culture where coworkers can nominate one another for weekly recognition. When people receive praise for the work that they're doing, they are more likely to feel appreciated and will aim to increase their productivity.

Photo courtesy of Scott Graham via Unsplash.

Photo courtesy of Scott Graham via Unsplash.

Set goals with your team.

Have one-on-one meetings with the members of your team where you can sit down and develop long-term and short-term goals. This way, employees can feel like they're working towards achieving something and you can track their progress. On top of individual goals, also include team goals to promote cooperation and teamwork.

Encourage flexible workdays.

Strict hours can turn most employees away, workers today want to be in a place that encourages flexible start and end times. When you shy away from enforcing strict hours, typically employees will work longer days knowing that they have mobility in their hours.

Offer opportunities for professional development.

Whether it's certification programs or assistance with furthering their education, employees want to continue growing within their field. When you offer opportunities for them to progress and grow as a professional, you can develop a culture where education and growth are valued.

Photo courtesy of Brooke Cagle via Unsplash.

Photo courtesy of Brooke Cagle via Unsplash.

Create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Diversity in the workplace has proven to have various benefits, including an increase in productivity and making people feel more comfortable at work. By expanding your pool of applicants, you can bring in new ideas and establish a workplace that people want to remain in.

 It all goes back to hiring.

Your onboarding process can say a lot to future employees. When you keep it smooth and streamline it as much as possible, you are showing employees that your company is organized. If there are numerous bumps that employees hit along the way from the start of the hiring process to the job offer, then talent will get a sense of disorganization and a lack of communication within the company.

Retaining employees is just as important as hiring great ones. Creating a workplace that employees feel passionate and comfortable in is the most important step in retaining your top talent. Rather than let them slip away, make the necessary improvements that will keep your employees happy and your company succeeding. If you're ready to start hiring, contact Nexus today for a free personalized job market analysis. Click the image below to get started

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