10 Tips to Help You Ace a Video Interview

10 Tips to Help You Ace a Video Interview

10 Tips to Help You Ace a Video Interview

Video interviews have increasingly become the go-to method for employers to review candidates. Recruiters are finding that digital interviews enlarge the candidate pool and streamline the hiring process. If it’s your first time performing a video interview it can feel awkward, but don’t worry, the questions employers ask are usually the same as an in-person interview.

No matter how many video interviews you’ve done in the past, this method is here to stay. That’s why it’s important to understand how to make yourself stand out against the competition. As a candidate, performing a video interview will give you advantages that a phone interview doesn’t provide. What’s key though, is the preparation you do beforehand.


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Do your research.

Like all interviews, knowing the mission and values of the company you’re applying to is essential. Start with checking out their social media pages, like Facebook and LinkedIn to understand what the company culture is like.

Recruiters are looking for people who will fit in with the company. Thorough research can help you understand and better align yourself with what the company is looking for during an interview, and it will tell you if it's a place you see yourself at.

Conduct a practice interview.

Rather than go straight into an interview, put some time aside to get comfortable in front of the camera–this is especially helpful if you’ve never done one before.

Start out by putting together a list of common interview questions that you can ask yourself. Next, record a video of yourself on your phone or computer answering each question. Doing this will help you get comfortable with being in front of a camera while you’re interviewing.

Once you’re done, go back and watch your recording to help you improve your answers and fix things like your posture.


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Dress to impress.

Just because you’re interviewing from the comfort of your home doesn’t mean you should dress casually. Even though you’re not meeting the recruiter in-person, you should still treat it as if you are.

Since your top half will be visible on camera you can certainly wear comfortable bottoms, but make sure whatever is seen on camera is in professional attire.

Find a quiet space.

Before you log on to meet with the recruiter, make sure you situate yourself in an area that’s quiet. Also, make sure to silence any notifications to ensure your attention is focused on the employer.

Pay attention to the lighting in the room too. If it’s dark, then it will be harder for the employer to see you clearly and you also risk  appearing grainy.

Limit distractions.

In addition to sitting in a quiet environment, make sure your background is plain. Things like posters, reflections and photos can be distracting to the recruiter, which takes their attention away from you.


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Test your tech.

Check your microphone and camera beforehand to make sure everything is running smoothly. That way, if any technical issues arise you can take care of them rather than during your interview time.

This also shows the recruiter that you understand how to follow directions and use technical tools.


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Have important documents ready.

An advantage to doing a video interview is your ability to have documents like your resume, portfolio and any notes in front of you. Having these documents open and ready is like arriving to an in-person interview with a copy of your resume and portfolio. If the interviewer asks for them, then you can easily send the documents to them.

Maintain eye contact.

Not knowing where to look during a video interview is not uncommon, but try to minimize how often you look at yourself. Instead, look into the camera because this will give the illusion that you’re giving the recruiter eye-contact as well as your full attention.

Ask questions.

No matter what medium you are using for an interview, asking questions is essential. You should always ask the employer questions because it shows that you’re genuinely interested in both the position and the company.


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Don't panic if you get disconnected. 

Technology is not always reliable and if for some reason your internet goes out or you get disconnected, simply reach out to the recruiter. Offer to talk with them on the phone or even suggest rescheduling the interview.

Though not the most ideal situation, by taking initiative and offering alternatives it shows that you’re a problem-solver.



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