Why It's Important to Send a Thank-You Email

Why It's Important to Send a Thank-You Email

Why It’s Important to Send a Thank-You Email

You've made it through the first interview, but just because you've ended the call (or video interview) does not mean it's over yet. Now, it's time to email a thank-you note to your interviewer. While it may seem old-fashioned, sending an email to your interviewer can help you stand out and, in some cases, determine whether you make it to the next round. In fact, according to a 2017 survey done by Accountemps, 80% of recruiters find it helpful to receive a thank-you note after an interview.

Looking at it from a recruiter's perspective, hiring a new employee is a big decision. They not only have to determine whether you have the right skills for the job, but they're also making sure that your personality would fit in with the company culture. There's only so much you can learn from candidates during the interview process, which is why sending a thank-you note afterward is beneficial for you.

For one executive managing editor at Business Insider (BI), sending a thank-you note will decide whether or not a candidate gets the job. In an article for BI, Jessica Lieberman says thank-you notes reflect two things:

  1. The person wants the job. In Lieberman's experience, the candidates that didn't send thank-you notes typically ghosted them or rejected their job offer.
  2. It provides interviewers with more information on the person, like their resourcefulness and eagerness to join the company. To send a thank-you email, the candidate has to track down the email and be organized enough to send a quality email.

While not all recruiters will base their decision on whether you send a thank-you email, it's best to send one just in case. Interviewers will appreciate you taking the time to thank them for meeting with you, and it's also another opportunity to quickly summarize why you would be the perfect candidate for the job.

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