Career Certifications Can Help You Stand Out–Here's Why

Career Certifications Can Help You Stand Out–Here's Why

Career Certifications Can Help You Stand Out–Here’s Why

Competition within the job market has increased significantly as businesses move to a "digital office" model. Businesses can now widen their candidate pool as remote work becomes the new normal. For job seekers, this means your competition has significantly grown.

Back in April, unemployment rates had tripled due to the pandemic, but recent trends have shown that the job market is improving. Setting yourself apart from competitors is key to obtaining your dream job, which is why career certifications can help you have an edge over other candidates.

If you're looking for opportunities to stand out on your resume, then take a look below for how career certifications can advance you in the job market.

It adds credibility.

Obtaining a certification is another form of proof that shows employers you know how to do a particular skill. As a professional, it's important to keep your skills sharp and continue adding to your skill set to advance yourself as an expert in your chosen field. If you're a freelancer, this can be especially important when you're proving to potential clients your value and expertise.

You expand your knowledge.

Especially in tech-focused careers, these areas are constantly evolving with new gadgets and programs coming out. When you invest time into career certifications, you are showing employers that you are dedicated to your craft. These programs allow you to continue putting your skills to practice, while also keeping you up-to-date with any advancements within the field.

Your resume will stand out more.

When it comes down to deciding between candidates, it's the little things that will count. For you to stand out among the competition, having certifications will provide you with an extra edge during decision-making moments. Career certifications will tell employers that you have demonstrated knowledge in particular areas, and if they're relevant to the job this will make you a more viable candidate. For situations where it may be between you and another candidate, having a career certification could be the deciding factor.

Increased likelihood of a promotion or raise.

Progression within your career is important for longterm success and happiness. Knowing the skills and qualities employers are looking for in higher-up positions, can lead you towards getting certifications in the right skills. This shows your willingness to continue advancing within your field, and when you apply for higher up positions you may be offered more money because of your certifications in the desired skills.

Personal satisfaction.

While getting these career certifications can help you in the job realm, it's also a great way for you to feel accomplished as a professional. Putting aside time dedicated to advancing yourself in your career shows your passion for the field you're in. You are able to evolve within the role you're in and as an added bonus, it gives you an edge against competitors. Knowing the right certifications can impress employers while demonstrating your knowledge and excitement for the job.


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