7 Skills to Help You Land a Remote Job

7 Skills to Help You Land a Remote Job

7 Skills to Help You Land a Remote Job

The past year has proven that most companies can thrive in a remote environment. For job seekers, the future of business will most likely be completely remote or a hybrid model, which comes with various benefits including the flexibility to work practically anywhere and to create your own work schedule. Even though job opportunities are increasing, now that location is not as much of an issue the skills required for remote opportunities are slightly different than in-office jobs.

If you want to impress your next interviewer, make sure your resume and cover letter include the skills below to help set you apart from the competition and you land your ideal job.


The ability to work independently as a remote employee is one of the most important skills you can have. Without the office atmosphere, it is up to you to hold yourself accountable for getting your work done in a timely fashion. Managers need team members that will be able to stay productive without having to constantly check-in with them throughout the day. You can demonstrate this to a hiring manager by using examples of projects you led or times you went above and beyond without your manager asking you to.


The online workplace requires knowledge of business programs, especially those used for communication. Before you begin applying for positions, make sure you have a basic understanding of how to use software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Slack, etc. These are not only used to conduct interviews but are also used to communicate with team members on the job. When you get ready for an interview, hiring managers want to see that you can seamlessly use the software without them having to teach you.

Eagerness to learn

Technology is rapidly evolving which can make it hard to remain knowledgeable about all of them. Demonstrating an eagerness to expand your skills and continue learning is something hiring managers look out for. No matter what industry you're trying to join, demonstrating a willingness to learn will make you stand out as a candidate.

Team Player

Even if a majority of your work is conducted independently, you are still a part of a team. Wherever you go, having the ability to work with others through sharing ideas and working on projects is essential. In the office, it's a lot easier to connect with co-workers because they're closer in proximity and online you may still be expected to connect with your co-workers. Explaining situations where you've successfully collaborated with a team to a hiring manager will make you a more viable candidate.


Working from home requires you to be more disciplined with your time. Your home and workspace have blended together making it easier to get distracted and lose focus, and hiring managers want to know you will get your work done efficiently. During your interview, you can describe in your work efficiency by giving examples such as creating a schedule of your workday or making a daily to-do list.


Along with being organized, paying attention to detail is just as important. Whether it's labeling a document a particular way, making sure you answer every question asked of you or ensuring everything is spelled correctly in an email, the little details matter, and hiring managers will take notice. In a remote job, you need to be able to send clean copies of work to team members and your supervisor, which requires paying attention to the small things.

Strong Written Communication

Most communication on the online workspace is through chat or email. This is where strong written communication is key. Hiring managers will see this right from the start when you submit a resume and cover letter. Make sure everything, including your email correspondence with recruiters, are free of any grammatical and spelling errors. Having the ability to effectively get your point across in writing is essential because it's heavily used in remote jobs.

Whether you're actively looking for a remote job or just browsing, Nexus Staff is here to network for you. We strive to personalize your job search to your specific skillset and goals. Let us help you find your next dream job, connect with us today.

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