6 Skills to Help Elevate Your Remote Work Experience

6 Skills to Help Elevate Your Remote Work Experience

6 Skills to Help Elevate Your Remote Work Experience

In the past year, businesses have had to transition to an online workplace, which has permanently shifted the way companies conduct normal business. Virtual offices have replaced the in-person environment as the leading workplace model, which means the remote work experience won't be going anywhere. For current employees and job seekers looking to grow or transition to a new job, this means you need to make sure you have the right set of skills to help you stand out amongst competitors.

Today you need more than just a flawless resume to capture a hiring manager's attention. They also want to know that you can work in an online environment. Scroll down to see the six must-have skills for a successful remote work experience.


Remote work provides a more flexible landscape by allowing you to create your own work hours and even choose the location from where you work. In order to continue being successful, you should be able to adapt to unexpected situations and sudden changes within the online workplace.

Whether it's through finding solutions when technical issues arise or learning how to use a new online program, staying open-minded will be key to being successful while working remotely.

Time management

It's easy to get distracted when you're working from the comfort of your home, so it's essential to have strong time management and organization skills. In order to contribute to your team in an efficient way, creating and managing your schedule day-to-day will make it easier to complete tasks, while also balancing your work and home life.

Open communication

Even though working from home gives you more of an opportunity to work independently, you are still a part of a team. By maintaining open communication through work chat programs or video conferencing, you can not only keep in contact with members of your team but also keep everyone up-to-date on projects and progress.

Keeping a steady stream of communication open will also prevent you from feeling remote work loneliness that is common when you're working in a digital landscape.

Tech savvy

No matter what job you're doing, if it's online then you're going to need to have some knowledge of technology. This doesn't mean you have to be an expert but it does help to know how to use common programs such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, G-Suite, and Slack. Learning new technology will keep you adaptable in the ever-changing work landscape.


The online landscape can make working with team members harder as you are no longer sharing a workspace with them. This is where creativity and adaptability come into play. Finding new and effective strategies to collaborate with your team on projects is an important skill when it comes to future roles in almost every industry.


Without an office for your supervisor to occasionally check-in with you, a remote environment makes working independently easier. As a self-starter, you can stand out from the crowd and become more productive when your supervisor doesn't have to continually check-in with you and make sure you're on task or have a project to work on. By finding your own tasks and being proactive, you're also helping to contribute to your team.

Nexus looks to help take the stress out of finding new candidates to add to your growing team. Using our unique framework, our experts will do a deep market dive and present you with the best-suited candidates whether you're working remotely or in-person. Connect with us today to get started.

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