Reminder: You are always on a job interview

Reminder: You are always on a job interview


Most people find their jobs through referrals so the old adage is true, you are always on a job interview. When interacting with others, people remember personal character. If you are friendly, they will remember, if you are bossy, they will remember.  People who are referred by a trusted friend or colleague have a higher likeliness of getting hired because they already come with a stamp of approval.

  • What do your friends and colleagues say about you?
  • Are you being referred?
  • What do you want people to be saying?
  • Does that line up with reality?

If you are on a job hunt it might be time to do a little survey of friends and colleagues. Questions to ask may include:

  • If you were to hear of a job that I was good for, what would you tell the person describing the job about me?
  • What type of job would you recommend me for?
  • What do you think are some of my strengths? Have you experienced an example of this?

Don’t forget about social media…

48% of companies polled say they have looked at a candidate’s social media profile before hiring them. On social media we show the world the person we want the world to know but often we forget about the target audience we are showing it to. Think about it next time you want to post that picture of yourself making poor choices, you are always on a job interview and your potential boss is watching.



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