What Are Job Seekers Really Telling Employers?

What Are Job Seekers Really Telling Employers?

Job Seekers

At Nexus, we proactively network with currently employed professionals and job seekers by meeting them in person, finding them on social media, reading articles where they are featured, through personal referrals, etc. We are very particular about the professionals we present to clients because we only provide the top prospects from our well researched pool.


Often candidates don’t realize the message they send recruiters and potential employers whether it’s online or in person. Below are some frequent messages professionals unknowingly communicate that hold them back from being considered:

I’m a bad communicator

  • “I am a team player that works well with others to support the business.” This type of sentence is vague and meaningless to a potential employer. Be clear, give specific examples and show the results from the key skills that you bring to the table. Here is a better way to say it:
    • “I provide my team with financial goals for each quarter and the encouragement and tools they need to reach the goals. In the last year, the team under my leadership, has exceeded goals by 50% each quarter.”
  • Lori Brown, Nexus Staff Recruiter explains, “I search for potential candidates using various tools and search engines. I scan profiles quickly so when I read vague and unclear profiles I quickly move on.”

I’m unprofessional

  • Double check your voicemail message. Is it still the one you created in college in the bar? Or the one you are singing in? Make sure it is professional and clear.
  • If your email address on your resume still says sweetchecks23 @aol.com it’s time to set up a new email address for your professional life. Nothing screams unprofessional like your nickname from college.

I party alot

  • A new hiring practice is to search people on social media. If the pictures you are posting are mostly you drinking or doing drugs, or comments from your friends are about how wasted you were, that is telling your future employer:
    • You will most likely come to work hungover
    • You can’t be taken seriously
    • You are irresponsible
  • Clean up your social media posts and unfriend people that might be tagging you without your permission. You will give off a more professional appearance.

I have limited regard for others

Social media often allows us to be more outgoing with things we communicate than if we were to say them in person. How you interact with people on facebook represents how you might interact with other co-workers and employers. Be careful with your words when posting, it could come across badly, even if you’re kidding. Potential employers who read your impassioned positions may feel less impassioned about you as a candidate.

I don’t care about my appearance

This may sound silly, but here are a few simple things that you should double check before going into an interview:

  • Look in the mirror. Check your hair and teeth. How you present yourself does matter. If you are a sloppy dresser or have something caught in your teeth, this could be off putting to a potential employer.
  • Get a wingman/woman. Ask them if you have bad breath or if you’re a smoker, ask them if you smell like smoke. Both these things can be off putting to a potential employer so make sure you choose a wing man/woman you can trust.
  • Your appearance is your representation, the little things do have an impact on the overall message you are communicating.


The competitiveness of the job market makes it even more important to know what message you are sending potential employers. Whether you are searching for a job at the moment, we recommend doing a self evaluation, what are you telling potential employers? Is that the message you want to communicate?



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