[HR Managers] Encourage Employees to Update Linkedin Profiles in 2017

[HR Managers] Encourage Employees to Update Linkedin Profiles in 2017

As an HR Manager, part of your responsibility is ensuring your employees are clearly communicating great things about your company. They are the reason other people want to work with the company, they tell the story to clients about the service and products provided.


Many professionals rely on Linkedin to connect with new sales leads, potential employees and build vendor relationships. It is an essential social media tool that will help improve your business and as HR Managers, your job. So it is important that your employees are presenting themselves as key members of your company.


Here are several guidelines we suggest for HR Managers to share with their employees for maintaining their Linkedin profile:


Keep Your Photo Simple

On a good hair day, stand in front of a white wall, smile and have a co-worker take your picture. Or better yet, get a professional photo taken. Sears still does portraits at most stores. Then post it to your profile. There are too many profile photos that discredit, not only your employee as an individual but your company as well. Have all employees lose the picture of them in a social setting.


Celebrate Successes

In their current work experiences, have employees highlight key achievements as the first thing. Be as specific as possible, give metrics if available or share the result of the work they did. The more your employees celebrate their successes, the happier they will be at their job and the more others will want to work with them.


Build Your References

Have teams build one another up but being references for each other. The more quotes and endorsements your employees have, the more people will want to work with them and your company.


Be Clear

The general readability of a person’s profile is important, and so is the story they tell. For most of us, telling our story takes great introspection and effort. Here are some questions to help guide employees to gaining clarity about their story.

  • What are your top 3-5 personal qualities? What do you like about yourself?
  • What are your top 3-5 skills?
  • How do you want to use all of these in your future job?
  • How do you currently use them in your position and at your company?

Use the answers to the last two questions to write the Linkedin Profile overview. It is the critical part of telling the story of themselves and the important role they play in your company.

These are little things that can have a bigger impact on your company’s perception and recruiting. Click the image below for a free personalized job market analysis and learn even more about current market trends.



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