How To Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Job Fair

How To Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Job Fair

How To Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Job Fair

Whether you’re a recent graduate or have been in the workforce for many years, job fairs can be a great resource for meeting potential employers, learning more about specific fields or roles, and growing your professional network. Today, many employers are taking part in virtual job fairs meaning you can take advantage of these opportunities from the comfort of your own home!

While the purpose of a job fair remains the same regardless of if it is virtual or in-person, there are a few extra steps to be aware of while attending a virtual job fair. Below, we’ve outlined the best tips to help you succeed at your next virtual job fair -- from registering for the event to following up afterward.

Before The Job Fair

Register for the event

In-person job fairs may welcome walk-ins or allow attendees to register on the day of the event. However, virtual job fairs can have limited space and the meeting link may only be shared with registered participants. Register for virtual job fairs early to secure your spot and ensure you’ll have an ample amount of time to complete the following steps. During your registration, be prepared to upload your resume and answer any questions about your education, past experiences, and career goals.

Research the employers that will be present

Familiarize yourself with the employers that will be attending the job fair. Take note of the work they do and if any open positions are currently available. Prepare for possible questions the employers may ask and even prepare some of your own questions for the employers.

Prepare a go-to elevator pitch 

There’s no need to memorize a long speech, but be sure to prepare a personalized introduction focused on your past experiences, skills, and future career goals. Practice the pitch beforehand to become comfortable and ensure a confident delivery.

Prepare your space

Find a noise-free location with a neutral background that you feel comfortable sharing on camera. If your background is distracting or unprofessional, try using a virtual background instead. Limit outside noise by keeping your phone on silent and turning off any alarms or alerts that could possibly create distractions during the event. If you live in a shared space, remember to explain to your roommates or family members ahead of time that you will be attending a virtual job fair. They will also need to limit their own noise and distractions and if possible avoid using apps that may lag internet speed

Prepare your virtual equipment

Ensure that your camera and microphone are working properly, your internet connection is secure, and your devices are fully charged. Close unnecessary applications you aren’t using to ensure your computer is running at its best speed. If you plan to use headphones, make sure they are plugged in or connected to bluetooth prior to the event. If the job fair is being held on a video conferencing platform you are not familiar with, download the application ahead of time and learn how to navigate your way around all of its features. Lastly, have a back-up plan to join the job fair, such as dialing in on your cell phone, in the event that something goes wrong.

Dress professionally

Dress professionally from head-to-toe -- not just the half that will be seen on screen. This will allow you to keep your professional manner and can even help you feel more confident. Avoid colors or patterns that might blend into your background while on screen.

During The Job Fair

Keep an open mind

Do not limit yourself to only speaking to the employers that initially piqued your interest. Ask questions to learn more about each employer and see if they are a good fit for you.

Keep your virtual materials easily accessible

While you may be asked to upload a resume at the time of registration, it is still helpful to have a resume open for you to look at or reference when speaking to a potential employer, especially if you have multiple copies of your resume for different jobs. Also have additional materials such as your LinkedIn profile, portfolio, or writing samples ready to go if an employer asks you to share your screen. 

Remember proper video-chat etiquette

Be prepared to mute your microphone if unexpected noise or feedback occurs. Make sure to have your camera on and show you are paying attention to the employer and are engaged in the conversation by keeping your eyes on the computer, asking and answering questions, and taking notes when necessary.  

Ask about the next steps

If you find a position or employer you are particularly interested in, be sure to ask about their particular hiring timeline. Write down any key points to remember, including the employer’s contact information, in order to follow-up after the event.

After The Job Fair

Reach out to employers 

After the event, reach out to employers within 24-48 hours while your name is still fresh in their mind. Send an email thanking the employers you spoke to for their time and explaining your continued interest in the company. Follow or connect with them on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on open positions and important announcements.

Apply to open positions with updated hiring materials

If you spoke to an employer about a specific position, follow the next steps they suggested and apply for the position. Be sure to update your resume and cover letter with any specific skills or requirements that the employer mentioned during your conversation. 

Continue your job search

Finding a new opportunity can be difficult and time consuming. While job fairs are an excellent way to meet potential employers, they are not the only way. Do not limit your job search to the employers that you met at the job fair or the open positions you discussed. Instead, continue to keep an open mind and stay open to new possibilities. If you’re not sure where to look next, contact Nexus Staff for a personalized recruitment experience. Our staff is ready to help you find even more opportunities that perfectly match your skills.

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