Five Benefits of Working a Contract Position

Five Benefits of Working a Contract Position

Five Benefits of Working a Contract Position

Have you ever come across a job listed as a contract position but you’re unsure of what this is or how it could benefit your career? A contract position is a role with certain terms agreed upon under contract by a worker and their client -- the company with the open position. When workers are hired under a contract, they are usually not hired as an employee of the company they are working for, but rather as an independent contractor or as an employee of the staffing firm that represents them for a predetermined length of time. 

If a contract position sounds like it might be the right fit for you, or you’re still unsure, keep reading for our five best benefits of working a contract position.

Flexible work-life balance 

Contract positions tend to be more flexible than a traditional 40 hour, 9-5 work week in many ways. Depending on the position, you may be able to adjust your schedule to what works best for you and your client -- whether this means picking the days you work or the actual hours within a certain timeframe. Because contract positions are usually set in place for a certain amount of time, you can also have the opportunity to pick up work in different locations -- whether remotely or on-site -- without the commitment of having to stay in one place for a long period of time. By making your own schedule and even picking where and when you work, it can be easier to attain a healthy work-life balance

Gain new skills and interests 

Successfully completing contract positions can give you the unique opportunity to learn new skills in your current field or gain interest in a different career path. For example, contract work can give you the opportunity to work with a variety of different programs or technologies you may have not had experience with if you only worked for one company, thus giving you new skills to build your resume, reference in future interviews, and of course use in future positions. Likewise, contract work can also give you the opportunity to explore different career paths and interests without fully committing to a career change. 

Build a diverse portfolio 

Jumping from one company to another can often be considered a red flag because employers do not want to take on an employee that has a history of leaving jobs after a short amount of time. However, in a contract position, it’s understood that you will only be with a company for a set amount of time. By successfully completing a contract position, you will be able to build a portfolio on behalf of a diverse group of clients and businesses without the negative connotation that comes with job-hopping. This will give you an opportunity to showcase your capabilities and how you can easily adapt to fit any company. 

Expand your network

Holding a contract position allows you to interact with company employees and or other contractors which can help you expand your professional network. This is especially true for longer contract positions (by hour or by contract length) and positions with a large amount of team collaboration. By expanding your network, you will gain stronger connections and can open the door for more possibilities in the future.

Be considered for future permanent positions

While your contract position may not turn into a permanent placement right away, having previous experience with a company can be helpful if you’re applying for a permanent role at the same company down the road. After successfully completing a contract position, the employer knows that you are already familiar with the company and that you already have the exact experience and skills needed to thrive in their company. Even if there are not any permanent positions currently open, having the experience and the company name on your resume will stand out when a position does become available. 

Ready to get started on a contract position or still debating if this is the right fit for you? The Nexus team of experienced recruiters is here to help you find the perfect role -- whether it's a contract, contract to hire, or a permanent placement. Take the first step and contact Nexus today for a personalized recruitment experience or check out our list of available jobs

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