4 Common Myths About Working With a Recruiter

4 Common Myths About Working With a Recruiter

4 Common Myths About Working With a Recruiter

Everyone has gone through the hiring process at some point whether as a recruiter, hiring manager, or job seeker. Despite this, there are still misconceptions about recruiting (especially surrounding recruiters) that have created common myths about working with a recruiter.

Whether you're seeking new opportunities or looking for your next qualified candidate, utilizing a recruiter may actually be more beneficial than you think. Scroll down below to understand the four most common myths about working with a recruiter.

Recruiters only care about filling the role.

While yes, part of our role is filling job openings, it's not all we care about. Our main focus is ensuring that our clients are paired with the right candidates. When businesses come to us, we are presented with a brief describing the role and their wishlist of qualities. From there, we get to know the businesses we're working with and use our network to seek out candidates we believe are not only qualified but would fit in well with the business' company culture. It's all about building long-term and trustworthy relationships because, in the end, we want to ensure that candidates are happy at their new company and businesses are excited to welcome their newest team members.

Recruiters don't provide feedback.

Building strong relationships is what makes us successful as recruiters. By "ghosting" potential candidates, we're not fostering a positive relationship and, that does the opposite of what our mission is. We understand the value of providing feedback to candidates and clients, and our goal is to help you grow as a professional. There are instances though when our clients do not provide us with feedback, and those would be the only instances where we wouldn't be able to provide you with any.

Recruiters don't understand the roles they're recruiting for.

Experienced recruiters will have a niche that they are an expert in. Having a strong understanding of the role a client wants to fill is critical because recruiters need to develop a list of potential candidates who would meet these requirements. By listening to clients' preferences, recruiters develop a sense of their wants and needs from a potential candidate. If a recruiter didn't understand, then they wouldn't be able to successfully deliver.

Recruiters don't have an impact on hiring decisions.

This is not the case if a recruiter has developed a strong relationship with a hiring manager. In fact, if a recruiter has worked consistently with a company for a long time, then the hiring manager will probably take a recruiter's opinion about a candidate into consideration. As a candidate, it's important to foster a positive relationship with your recruiter. You never know, it could be the one thing that helps you get the job.

Job hunting and hiring a new candidate requires a lot of time and effort. If you're feeling lost or just want to save time, consider connecting with Nexus Staff. Our recruiters are some of the best in the business with years of experience and client-relations to provide you with a personalized experience. Stop stressing over finding the right opportunity and connect with us today.

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